7 of the World's Coolest Swimming Pools ...

With warmer weather fast approaching, it’s making me think about where I can find some of the world’s coolest swimming pools. I learned to swim before I could walk, and as a result have always been a fan of swimming pools (and the ocean). With some incredible hotels and resorts being built each year, here are some of the world’s coolest swimming pools that topped my list.

1. Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, USA

One of the world’s coolest swimming pools has to be what Mandalay Bay calls ‘Mandalay Bay Beach.’ With so many resorts in Las Vegas offering guests an amazing swimming and relaxation experience, I think Mandalay Bay has one of the best on offer, albeit for the younger crowd. With so many pools to choose from, more than 100 luxury cabanas, a man-made beach and wave pool, you simply can’t beat this place in terms of variety! They even have a topless pool if you're aged 21 and over.