7 of the World's Coolest Swimming Pools ...


7 of the World's Coolest Swimming Pools ...
7 of the World's Coolest Swimming Pools ...

With warmer weather fast approaching, it’s making me think about where I can find some of the world’s coolest swimming pools. I learned to swim before I could walk, and as a result have always been a fan of swimming pools (and the ocean). With some incredible hotels and resorts being built each year, here are some of the world’s coolest swimming pools that topped my list.

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Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, USA

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, USA One of the world’s coolest swimming pools has to be what Mandalay Bay calls ‘Mandalay Bay Beach.’ With so many resorts in Las Vegas offering guests an amazing swimming and relaxation experience, I think Mandalay Bay has one of the best on offer, albeit for the younger crowd. With so many pools to choose from, more than 100 luxury cabanas, a man-made beach and wave pool, you simply can’t beat this place in terms of variety! They even have a topless pool if you're aged 21 and over.


The Chedi, Muscat, Oman

The Chedi, Muscat, Oman So many hotels bring a Zen like quality to their pools, and this five-star resort in the Middle East is no different. This luxury hotel is famous for its long, black swimming pool that sits close to the palm-tree lined beach. The pool is black due to the mosaic tiles that line the bottom, and it really adds to the overall stylish design the hotel's trying to capture, particularly at night, when it’s all lit up.


Badeschiff, Berlin, Germany

Badeschiff, Berlin, Germany I gather this swimming pool came into existence in 2004, allowing the residents of Berlin a chance to bathe near the Spree River, too polluted to swim in otherwise. This pool literally means “bathing ship” in English, as it used to be a shipping container. Oddly enough, the Badeschiff is open until midnight, as there’s a DJ spinning at a bar right outside the pool entrance.


San Alfonso Del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile

San Alfonso Del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile Did you know that the world’s largest and deepest swimming pool is in South America? Located in a private resort in the southern Pacific country of Chile, you can rent boats transporting you from one end of the pool to the other, as it’s three-fifths of a mile long! The pool requires 66 million gallons of seawater a day to operate and an amazing filtration system that costs $4m a year to maintain.


The Natural Pool, Santorini, Greece

The Natural Pool, Santorini, Greece Now to something a little smaller! With the whitewash walls of a typical Mediterranean backdrop and crystal clear waters of the natural infinity pool, you can’t get much more relaxing than this. Swimming on top of the cliffs at the Grace Santorini Hotel, whilst vacationing in the Greek Isles? Yes, please!


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Wow! What other word describes an infinity pool that is shaped like a boat and spans three towers at the top of a 55-story, $5 billion hotel? This pool is three times the length of a normal Olympic swimming pool, so not only can you get in some great exercise, it offers up some incredible views of Singapore’s central business district, and beyond.


The Global Warming Pool, Mumbai, India

The Global Warming Pool, Mumbai, India This is an interesting pool that I left for last. HSBC Bank hired an ad agency to design this pool for India’s financial capital, Mumbai. Intended to raise awareness of rising sea levels, this swimming pool features New York City’s skyline on the bottom of the pool. Apparently, the bank has made a point of investing in firms working on tackling the rising sea level problem. I’d feel a little strange swimming in here, but I do love the concept behind it!

I've tried to incorporate some of the world’s coolest swimming pools from each continent! Which ones do you think you’ll be swimming in this summer?!

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@Cathleen - I tried to incorporate as many great pools as I could and definitely there are others that I missed! I definitely could have added one from South Africa though and definitely good to know about Sea Point for the future. @ Julie - the graphic doesn't do justice for the global warming pool in Mumbai. I should have given a better graphic/link to the graphics team!

Wow! So cool!


What about Sea Point, Cape Town? It's carved out of rock and is by the sea

That last pool looks similar to one in Melbourne at the Adelphi Hotel ?

I'm a touring musician who 'collects' swimming places! Recently swam in a cool art deco pool above the Jeu du Bal marketplace in Brussels & the dramatic Aquadrome in Berlin & have loved outdoor swimming in many UK lidos. Lake & river swimming is one of my passions: Buttermere in the Lake District, Spanish rivers & Norwegian lakes near Oslo have been some of my best...would love to try some of these...but living hand to mouth, there are many very cool places you can find to swim that cost a lot less!...

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