8 Iconic Travel Trips to Help You on Adventures around the Globe ...

Iconic Travel Trips are among the best trips to take, and you can't help but love going to some of the most sought after places in the world. Everyone loves to travel, from the young to the old. Experiencing new things is what makes the world go round. Vacations and iconic travel trips can be about so much more than just going to a new country and laying on the beach all day. By all means spend a few days sunning yourself, but why pass up a chance to really get into some of the amazing culture this world offers? There is definitely no excuse not to experience these 8 iconic travel trips.

1. Enjoy Surfing in Hawaii, USA

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As Polynesia was the birthplace of surfing, this is definitely an iconic travel trip that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. The Europeans first discovered surfing or ‘he’e nalu’ (wave sliding), as the locals call it, in the 18th century. In Hawaii there are plenty of surfing schools, where the instructors are very patient, so if you’re not exactly a natural at surfing, then don’t worry, you soon will be. The famous Waikiki beach is the favorite starter beach for most visitors to the area. Why not learn with the Waikiki beach boys, or take some skills from the local experts who you will be able to see shredding the waves?

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