7 Rooftop Bars in NYC with a Stunning View ...

With potentially the last few days of guaranteed warm weather, I think it’s time we fully take advantage of the great outdoors by visiting a few rooftop bars in NYC. Take this opportunity to enjoy a few cocktails or a delicious dinner high above the city while soaking in the spectacular views! New York is a beautiful city and I think a good amount of people don’t realize that. If visiting rooftop bars in NYC is on your to do list, here are some awesome places to stop by in no particular order!

1. Pod 39 Hotel

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Pod 39 Hotel has a spectacular outdoor terrace with Spanish flair and a variety of reasonably priced drinks. It is located right on the edge of Murray Hill, so it has a beautiful view of the Empire State building and lower Manhattan. The overall design of the terrace is absolutely breathtaking in comparison to some other rooftop bars in NYC, so going there should be quite an experience!

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