7 Super Places to Swim with Dolphins ...


7 Super Places to Swim with Dolphins ...
7 Super Places to Swim with Dolphins ...

Swimming with dolphins is an exhilarating and unique experience. Dolphins are one of the sea’s friendliest creatures; they’re beautiful and have a great relationship with humans. The experience is very special and also a swim with dolphins is very therapeutic. So you’ve decided you want to see them up close and swim with them. The next big question is: where shall you go? For ideas, take a look at these 7 Super Places to Swim with Dolphins.

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Akaroa, New Zealand

New Zealand has some excellent places to swim with dolphins. Akaroa is particularly popular because it’s a quaint little fishing village with a harbor full of wildlife. It’s an ideal location for a day trip if your accommodation is in Christchurch; just hop on a shuttle bus. Akaroa’s harbor is the home to Hector’s dolphins – an extremely rare breed. This charming town is a great spot for swimming with dolphins both rare and charming.


Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is the largest island in the Cayman Islands, and its capital. George Town hosts one of the best beaches in the world: the Seven Mile beach. There are plenty of things to do in Grand Cayman. One brilliant attraction that is always popular is Stingray City. Here, tourists can pet and feed large stingrays and touch their smooth bodies whilst snorkeling. Then, of course you can get up closer and personal with Grand Cayman dolphins too. The dolphins are as friendly as the stingrays, where they will kiss, hug, sing and say hello to anyone who wants to play with them! The most famous dolphin attraction at Grand Cayman is the dolphin belly ride.


Grand Bahama

This is a gorgeous island in the Bahamas group. The tourist industry here offers a variety of swimming with dolphin experiences, on top of experienced and non-experienced SCUBA diving activities. One of the most popular trips is the boat cruise to Sanctuary Bay, the location of the Dolphin Experience Lagoon. The bottle-nosed dolphins are friendly and trained. Divers can enjoy a swim with dolphins in open waters, whilst others can simply enjoy being with the animals in the safety of the lagoon.



This is a hugely popular destination in the Mexican Caribbean. For aquatic animal lovers, right in the centre of the hotel zone, there is a modern aquarium that provides close up interaction with aquatic animals, including dolphins, stingrays, sharks and starfish. You can swim with dolphins in a large pool, which is ideal for anybody who doesn’t like the idea of swimming with animals out in the ocean.


Key West

This is a great location for all kinds of vacations. It caters for many different kinds of people. It has tons of bars and street entertainment for people who want to enjoy a riveting night life. It has great family-orientated facilities and activities, including the Key West Aquarium which is a pioneering aquatic centre in the USA. There are loads of water sports to do, as well as seeing beautiful nature reserves. And, in the Key Largo or Key West Area children from 5 years old can go swimming with dolphins.



This is a safe and gorgeous place to be with dolphins. Cozumel is a Caribbean island in southeastern Mexico. It rivals other well-known destinations in tourist Mexico with nice folks, wonderful beaches and safe streets. Cozumel is a destination for people who want underwater adventures. With its beautiful coastline, many tourist agencies offer snorkeling deals in the offshore reefs, as well as regular dives. Coming here to swim with dolphins is a natural choice because of the turquoise water and huge selection of Cozumel tours.


Bimini Islands

The Bimini Islands, consists of two main islands near the east of Florida. The best way to travel around is by bike or golf cart as North Bimini is paved by two small roads, giving the Islands a quaint atmosphere. Bimini thrives on its deep sea fishing – so there are plenty of aquatic adventures for you to go on. Eat delicious and fresh sea food, go fishing or diving, or of course, go swimming with dolphins in the warm Caribbean Sea

There are plenty of places to go swimming with dolphins, but some areas offer more for their tourists than others. These 7 Super Places to Swim with Dolphins offer beautiful and unique experiences. Have you been to any of them? Please tell us of your dolphin adventures below!

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Isn't it just? Definitely something for everyone to do at least once.

I really hope you get the chance to one day - it is as magical as you imagine. I've done it once and would do it over and over. Thanks for reading AWS.

Roatán, Honduras. Definitely the best place to swim with dolphins.

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