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Lucky you! You’re off on the travels of a lifetime. No matter how excited you are at the prospect of all those countries, and those new and interesting cultures, you will need to consider the practical aspects and prepare for a round the world trip. If you want to travel around the world being organized is a key factor. You will need to prepare for a round the world trip to give you the best chance of being able to concentrate on the experiences and having fun, rather than trying to compensate for things you should have done before leaving home. Don’t be caught without these tips for how to prepare for a round the world trip.

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Where Are You Going?

The best part of preparing to travel around the world is deciding where to go and the general route you will follow. You could fly by the seat of your pants, but this could leave you wasting valuable time hanging around waiting for entry requirements, sorting out currencies and booking travel tickets. Read travel magazines, liaise with friends, and use your imagination to start choosing some destinations. Then you can start connecting them up.


Visa Requirements

As a US citizen you might need visas to enter certain nations. Check up on this by using the government resources for travel and you can then follow the instructions for applying for a visa. (Here’s a link to the relevant Government site, travel.state.gov). Do this months in advance as packing and buying tickets for a round the world trip is premature if the visa application is unexpectedly delayed.



Eek - the dreaded shot. Not often the nicest thing to consider as you prepare for a round the world trip, but essential. If you are going to a country where rabies, malaria, yellow fever or any other nasty disease is present, then you might need to get a vaccination shot. Many countries won’t even let you in if you don’t have a certificate to say that you have been protected against certain diseases. Again, check the government resources for travel as they have a full list of shots that you are going to need for each country you intend to visit.


The idea of getting vaccinations might make you squirm, but they're essential to ensure a safe journey. Do plan ahead, as some vaccines require a series of injections spaced over several weeks. Don't forget to carry your International Certificate of Vaccination—affectionately known as the 'yellow card'—as proof. It adds peace of mind, knowing that you're not only protecting yourself but also the communities you'll visit from potential outbreaks. Despite that little pinch, it’s a small price to pay for health and entry into a new, exciting destination!


Plane Tickets

At least two months in advance you should be booking your tickets. Discounts tend to be available if you book in advance, so it’s wise to make a pre-emptive strike on this area of your preparations for your once-in-a-lifetime holiday.



Packing for a round the world trip is going to be the hardest part, as there are going to be so many things that you want to take. Put everything in and then unpack it again, but this time remove all the things that aren’t necessary in a life or death situation; the hair straighteners are not really needed are they? Life or death items are your traveling papers, bags for storing clothes, fishing lines for tying things, lighters, candles, bowls and spoons just in case you get stranded and need to eat. All of these things will eat up most of your space, so keep the leisure items to a minimum. If you can possibly buy something abroad then do so. Don’t forget to pack a roll of toilet tissue!


Bills and Taxes

When you prepare for a round the world trip life doesn’t stop for you. Bills and taxes still have to be paid. Look into getting extensions for your taxes or making advance payments on your bills if you have a mortgage for example. Hiring an accountant can be a great way to reduce these regular annoyances. Of course, if you’re traveling with an internet enabled mobile device you can pay bills whilst on the road, but what a bore. You’re meant to be escaping the world back home for a while.



Pets have to be homed no matter where you are going off to. Organize where your pets are going to stay well in advance. Giving them to friends or family members is the first port of call, but if this isn’t viable then look for a reputable kennel where they are going to have their own vacation and where they will be well taken care of.



Deciding to prepare for a round the world trip rarely takes into account the worst case scenario. If you have any problems and you lose some of your papers then how are you going to ever prove that you are you? Make photocopies and hide them in your luggage whilst leaving some at home with somebody you trust. You probably won’t need them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.



Tell people where you’re going. Putting friends and family members through the stress of one of their loved ones going missing is not a good idea. And you might even find that they have new connections for you to make. It’s not uncommon to hear about a friend having a fifth cousin in Armenia who can provide free accommodation.


Getting Online

Getting online is imperative in our technologically advanced world. Why not prepare for a trip around the world using all the Internet resources available. It’s the best resource when you’re making your plans and also when you’re traveling. Find the best ticket and accommodation deals, buy tickets to places you want to visit (look out for packaged deals such as the Paris Museum Ticket which gives entrance to multiple attractions) and read up on the places you want to see. Mail yourself copies of important documents, stay in touch via social media and make everyone jealous with your travelogue photos.

When you prepare for a round the world trip there are a lot of things to take into account as deciding to travel around the world is no simple vacation. With these tips the whole process should be much easier, and should enable you to concentrate on your upcoming good times.

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I recommend registering with your country's embassy in the countries you're visiting. For Americans, it's the STEP program.

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