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8 Winning Wine Regions ...

By Neecey

Winning wine regions decades ago were simply in France, Italy, Spain and Germany but today you’ll find them in the least likely places. Don’t be surprised if you find your table graced with an award winning label from Chile, Bulgaria or even England – English wine is developing a bit of a reputation. Despite the rise of viticulture globally, it seems to be the age old wine and champagne regions, with recipes and wine making techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation that continue to dominate the list of winning wine regions with New World wines making a telling inroad. As wine connoisseurs from all over the world travel to the lesser known wine regions and bring their produce to the fore, we will start to see some changes but in the meantime, the traditional wine regions will be more familiar to you. Here are 8 Winning Wine Regions from around the world.

1 Western Cape, South Africa

Some of the world’s most coveted award winning wines come from the Western Cape Region, in South Africa. Vineyards flourish in the rich soils and Mediterranean climate of wine regions not far from the coast of Cape Town. 6 main wine regions in the Western Cape alone have more than 100 000 hectares of spectacular wine producing vines. In the Tulbagh area alone, there are more than 18 wineries. One, Twee Jonge Gezellen, aka The House of Krone, is the only family run winery in the entire South African Region to produce world class, authentic champagne, and have been doing so since the beginning of the 1700’s.

2 Napa Valley, California

Going as far back as the 19th Century, the Napa Valley is the top wine region of the United States. Boasting perfection, in a combination of a warm Mediterranean climate, geographical position and geological terrain, this wine region has be producing world class wines for decades. A hugely popular tourist destination, more than 5 million people a year, travel to the world renown valley, to taste and experience wine country at its best.


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3 Barossa Valley, Australia

Most well known for their fruity, rich, but well balanced reds, the Aussies know how to perfectly compliment a roast lamb or juicy steak with their flavour packed award winning wines. Their unique Grenache, is a perfect accompaniment to a roaring log fire and a heart-warming stew in the winter. There is no question, the Australian wines know how to pack a punch.

4 Ribera Del Duero, Spain

Home to the production of Vega Sicilia, the most expensive wine in the world, this wine region, situated in northern Spain, is perched spectacularly along the banks of the Duero River. Also producing the world famous Tempranillo grape variety, which in turn produces some of the world’s best Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine region has been plodding along, minding its own business, and quietly propping up the premier wine industry for thousands of years.

5 Piedmont, Italy

Mineral rich wine, pear and citrus flavours and the outstanding Barolo and Brabresco wines are just some of the world class delights that come from this wine region. Snuggled away at the foot of the Alps, the slighter cooler climate of Piedmont, gives an extra special depth to the wines that are grown here. The most famous grape produce to come out of this valley is the Nebbiolo grape, which is responsible for the wines such as the Barolo.

6 Mosel, Germany

Just when you thought Germany was only at the front of the line for beer, you will be pleasantly surprised to know, that is all doesn’t end there. Soils rich in minerals and slate, combined with the rolling slopes facing the south, produce a mouth watering, soft wine grape, known as the subtle Riesling. Once upon a time, before the birth of Bordeaux, the Reisling was this wine region’s most coveted Queen of the wine industry around the world.

7 Bordeaux, France

Without a doubt, this wine region has to be the ultimate high flying celebrity when it comes to trend and standard setting all over the world. The left bank and right bank that separate Bordeaux, respectively, the Garonne and the Dordogne, both produce Grand Master Merlots and historic wines such as Chateau Ausone and Petrus wines. Wine cultures and historical vintages that come from there set the trend for all other wines made all over the world.

8 Tuscany, Italy

Right up next to Bordeaux, Tuscany has to be one of the best known wine regions in the world. The gorgeous Tuscan Wines such as Chianti Classico, Brunello and Carmignano, are the rich super popular celebrity families that rub shoulders with the Merlots of the world. The unique Super Tuscans, the texture rich red blends, are some of the only wines in the world that do not have to adhere to any formulas, as their Government regulations says they don’t have to.

There are so many world class wines coming out of wine regions all over the world. Some have never been heard of, but are starting to gain popularity. Not only do these areas produce award winning wines, but because of the climates required to produce the grapes, the backdrops of these wine regions are simply breathtaking and are popular tourist destinations for the entire family. If you had to choose just one out of this list of 8 Winning Wine Regions, which one would be your favourite?

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