Why You Should Travel by Yourself at Least Once in Your 20s ...

By Delfina

Why  You Should  Travel  by Yourself at Least Once  in Your 20s ...

It may sound scary and probably a lot of people (specially your parents and family) will tell you it’s dangerous, but lets put it this way: If you think about all the scary things you do in your life you’ll probably end up doing nothing, right?

Everything is scary when you’re young. You are still finding your place in this world, and you have to learn how to take care of yourself and take calculated risks and be responsible for them.

Here are my top reasons **why you should travel by yourself in your 20s: **

Table of contents:

  1. you are free and have a lot of time in your hands
  2. make a lifetime of memories
  3. it can be life-changing
  4. you’ll meet people
  5. and finally

1 You Are Free and Have a Lot of Time in Your Hands

Are you worried about career, money, or just traveling solo? You can put your career on standby. After all you won’t stop working before you turn 60 at least; you’ve got plenty of time to focus on your work.

Being twenty-something means not being rich, unless you are like Mark Zuckerberg. So ignore all those “I’m too broke to travel” excuses, pick a destination and just go. Sleep on a couch or a hostel 'cos it’s not the end of the world if you wake up next to beautiful sights like an Australian beach or a modern skyscraper in Japan.

2 Make a Lifetime of Memories

Personally I think money spent on trips is the best long-term investment because it creates memories that you carry with yourself for the rest of your life. Let’s be honest, when you're 40 you're not gonna remember that 1,000 dollar iPhone you bought last year or the cute dress from that top fashion designer, and maybe, you will be too busy taking care of your kids to think about a solo trip.

3 It Can Be Life-changing

Being alone in another country is life changing in many ways and will also help you grow up and understand yourself much better. Your brain is still learning to adapt to surrounding environments and the further you push, the better outcome you’ll get.

4 You’ll Meet People

That’s right! You are going to meet a lot of people from a lot of different places (and maybe fall in love who knows).

Besides having a lot of fun, getting to know life stories from people on the other side of the planet is extremely eye opening. Maybe they’ll become lifelong friends and help you a lot during your travels and you'll have a lot of anecdotes to tell at parties when you come back.

5 And Finally

You are going to keep being you whenever you are so take it as a way of expanding who you are as a person. Who knows where life may take you.

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