Where to Go when You're a Student Traveling Abroad ...

Having the opportunity to travel is an incredible life changing experience for any student and should be grabbed with both hands. The chance to learn about new cultures, people, places, history and to experience unusual cuisines are just some of the exciting things students can look forward to. Being able to travel gives students the opportunity to learn how to practice the art of patience when plans fall apart and how to master a lifelong journey of independence and gain valuable perspective and life experience. Here are some of the top travel destinations for students who have the opportunity to travel.

1. Thailand

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A highly coveted travel destination for thousands of people: students, families, honeymooners and friends all looking for their magical slice of sun, sea and relaxation. Thailand is famous for being an affordable gateway to paradise – perfect for the budget conscious student. And there is something for everyone – incredible historic sites, more than 500 Buddhist temples, breathtaking scenery and plenty of fun in the sun. Gracious and hospitable locals welcome visitors to their humble homeland to share in the peace and tranquility.

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