7 Top Winter Sports Locations in the US ...

If the oncoming of winter is spurring you on to thinking about getting out on the slopes, you might be considering winter sports locations in the US. Winter sports holidays are great fun for all ages. Learning is fun and when you’ve mastered the basics, the thrill of the slip of skis over dry powdery snow with the mountain breeze in your hair and sun on your face is immeasurable. And it isn’t just skiing. Most of the best winter sports locations in the US offer a wide range of activities from curling to ice skating, and dog sledding to ice climbing. Here’s a few destinations for you to consider.

1. Lake Placid, New York

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Sometimes winter sports destinations get an advantage at being the best locations by being chosen as a site for the Winter Olympic Games. Although they usually have some advantages, the games means those are exploited and greatly added to. For example, facilities are built for sports that are not available in every location, such as for curling or luge. Since being the host of the 1980 Games, Lake Placid has remained one of the top US winter sports locations with great slopes, facilities for practically every snow sport and great entertainment.

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