7 Tips to Overcome Jet Lag You Must Know ...

By Teresa

7 Tips to Overcome Jet Lag You Must Know ...

Beating jet lag is not always an easy task, but there are thankfully some tips to overcome jet lag. Jet lag and I are the definition of frenemies. Sometimes, I have no problems with changing time zones. Other times, I’m a mess for days after my arrival, trying to adjust to new time zones. If you’re going on a trip that requires you to adjust to a new time zone soon, these tips for overcoming jet lag are definitely worth remembering on your next trip! These tips to overcome jet lag will help you get past the rut that comes with traveling to different time zones in no time!

1 Reset Your Clock Beforehand

If possible, try to adjust to your destination’s time zone before you leave. It will help you tremendously when you arrive. I cannot even keep track of the amount of times I’ve lost a day or two of a trip because I was adjusting to a new time zone. If you’re already adjusted beforehand, you’ll have even more time to explore your destination! It may take a bit of preparation before you leave, but it’s probably one of the easiest tips to overcome jet lag!

2 Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Before you even get on the plane, try to get a good night’s sleep beforehand. The more well-rested you are, the less agitated and annoyed you’ll be, and the easier it will be for you to adjust to a new time zone. It may seem frivolous, but your body will thank you.

3 Hydrate

Stay hydrated! I’m almost positive that a large portion of the jet lag I’ve dealt with in my life could’ve been solved with a glass of water or two. It can be easy to forgo water when you’re traveling. You can’t bring it through security with you, it’s expensive when you’re in the airport, and it can’t always be easy to find once you’ve reached your destination. Make a concentrated effort to stay hydrated and jet lag will be much easier to overcome.

4 Don’t Nap for Too Long

I’ve had many people tell me to avoid napping when arriving to your destination, but I’m not sure that’s the best way to go about adjusting to a new time zone. Instead, I think short naps that last for less than a half hour are okay if you really need a quick nap. If you’re tired and cranky you’re going to be even less able to adjust to a new time, in my opinion.

5 Adapt to the Time Zone Early on

One tip that I often hear when it comes to beating jet lag is adjusting yourself to the new time zone the moment you step on the plane. Change the time on your phone and start thinking as though you’re in the time zone of your destination, not the place you’re leaving. I’ve seen people go so far as to say not to eat the airplane meals because they’re not in time with your destination. How far you want to go is up to you, but it’s a good tip to remember regardless!

6 Spend Time Outdoors

I’ve heard more than a few people swear by this tip, but it’s personally never had an effect on me. Spending time outdoors is supposed to help your body adjust to its new surroundings. The more time you spend outside, the easier your body adjusts!

7 Bring Melatonin

If all else fails, bring some melatonin with you. It’s a natural supplement that helps your circadian rhythm get back on track. It’s probably a good idea to bring this with you on your trip, just to be on the safe side.

What are your tips for overcoming jet lag? I’m always looking for new tips to beat jet lag! One day, I will fully figure out how to beat it! Let me know your tips in the comments!

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