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7 Tips on How You Can Afford to Take More Weekend Trips ...

By Neecey

If your budget won’t allow for a vacation and even short breaks seem impossible, then listen up because I’ve got some tips on how to afford more weekend trips. When money is tight, weekend trips can be just as much of a treat as a full blown vacation because you appreciate it more. It’s something to look forward to, a time when you can simply forget your troubles for a couple of days. Whether you want to escape by yourself, with your man or your besties, here’s how to afford more weekend trips.

1 Deals and Discounts

Make sure that you check out deals on voucher sites like Groupon, Wowcher and Living Social (most countries have a wealth of voucher sites). You can filter the deals down so that it just shows you what is available in the area you’re interested in. You will be able to find stuff to do for cheap, deals on dinners, transport and tours. If you want to know how to afford more weekend trips then you should also look on the sites for hotels to stay in as usually you can get some great dinner, bed and breakfast discounts. Another thing to keep an eye on is Flash Sale sites such as where you can find some seriously good, deeply-discounted deals.

2 Public Transport

Don’t be afraid of public transport, even though it might take a little bit more effort than jumping in a taxi and getting dropped off at the door. On public transport you’ll get to see how the locals live and get in the hustle of the city. Do your research before you go and you’ll save loads of stress.


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3 Doggie Delights

Bringing the dog will allow you to take more weekend trips because of the money you’ll save on pet sitting/kennel fees. Pet sitting services can be pretty pricey, even if you are only away for a few days. Many hotels let you bring dogs along - you just need to ask before you get there. You may have to pay a small deposit to cover any extra cleaning costs, but these fees are still considerably cheaper than hiring a pet sitter.

4 No Excess Baggage

Most airlines charge a fee for you checking in your bags. Why don’t you pack light and just take a carryon bag? If you are only going for a few days then chances are that you won’t need that much. If you are planning to take more weekend trips then think about how you can save money on luggage - maybe wear your heavy clothes, fold things properly and just bring one pair of shoes...

5 Drive It

Sometimes flying isn’t the cheapest option, even though it might be the easiest. Why not grab a group of friends and go on a road trip. Use a fuel calculator to work out how much the journey will cost you and then split the cost between you all. Make sure that you download all the apps to help you find the cheapest petrol available too.

6 At the Peak

There are a few weekends in the year when hotels will bump their prices up because they know people are off work and looking to get away. In a nutshell - holiday weekends are best avoided. Make sure that you are flexible with your dates so that you can get the best deal possible.

7 Group Gatherings

If you go for a weekend away on your own, or with just one other person, then you might find it to be more expensive. Why not go away in a group? When you have a group of people you will be able to stay in family rooms and split the cost. You will also be able to share the cost of gas and car rental (‘cos it’s sensible to hire a large multiple-person vehicle). Another great thing about going in a group is that often you will be able to find group discounts on meals, entrance fees, tickets, and more. If you want to take more weekend trips and keep the cost low, then a group trip is the way.

It takes a lot less effort to organize a weekend away than you imagine. Use your smarts and you’ll find that you won’t pine for a vacation that you can’t afford because you’re having too much fun planning and going on numerous weekend trips. What weekend trips are you planning?

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