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8 Tips for Happy Traveling with the in-Laws ...

By Neecey

Any travel with the in-laws is bound to be a challenge at some point along the way. Travel with the in-laws is not a holiday trip that is usually avoided at the first mention for nothing; nerves are notoriously frayed and sparks end up flying, even in the happiest of families. If you can’t avoid it, here are 8 tips for happy travel with the in-laws.

1 Fiscal Boundaries

Finances are a tricky thing to manage and if you are traveling with your in-laws it will be best to discuss who pays for what up front. It could get uncomfortable if well-meaning in- laws with loads of cash want to pay for everything, and it could make it awkward if it is the other way around.

2 Creature Comforts

So you and your spouse like 5 star luxury, but your in-laws like backpacking and exploring. This could be a potential disaster if all of you don’t discuss this beforehand. It can create tension if your in laws want to head out on a mountain bike trail before sunrise, when you had planned to snooze until brunch. Find out what their travel preferences are in advance and prepare accordingly to avoid vacations from hell with the in-laws.


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3 Time Apart

No matter who you are, traveling with the in laws is complicated. It is important that you don’t spend every waking moment of your vacation together. Both couples will appreciate the benefits of time on your own. A quiet romantic dinner for you and your spouse or a few days sightseeing on your own, will ease any tension before it gets a chance to develop.

4 A Battle for Control

Parents never stop being parents just because their kids are grown up and married. They still like to be in control and find it hard to switch off when making arrangements. They may want to book everything and take control of the organization of the trip. Keep the peace by offering to steer some control back to you - offer to drive, carry bags or make dinner reservations.

Oh the battle for control...oh yeah. I wish I had the...

5 Stick Together

When frayed nerves hit the fan, being on vacation with your in laws is not the time, as if there ever was any, to start taking out your frustrations on your spouse. Stand up for the person you married against your parents or theirs, with respect and stick together. Sort out any other embarrassment or frustrations privately, when you are alone; tricky, but important for your marriage.

6 Deflecting Conflict

So it’s got to that point where everyone is irritable and their last nerves are on edge. To survive vacations with the in-laws know when to use strategic deflection to divert your family ‘’ship’’ from entering a storm. Distract the grumbling parties with something around you…’’Oh look there is a hula dancer…’’ and steer your party back on track.

7 Information is Power

Announcing that you are a chronic diabetic, or have a massive fear of heights or them announcing their strict vegan diet preferences once you have arrived at your holiday destination could take complicated to another level. For happy travel with the in-laws, find out about certain dynamics and preferences before you jet off half way across the world together.

8 Involve Everybody

Let all parties get involved in the planning of any trip, otherwise the person waving the itinerary around gets ostracized when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night. Let everyone take responsibility for the planning and then there will be no fights if the plan fails.

Vacations with your in laws can be rewarding and memorable if you plan your trip well. Have these tips for traveling with the in laws inspired you?

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