This is Where You Should Be Going on Vacation This Year ...

I love the cusp of the old year and new year because all the travel experts wade into the debate about which are the best destinations for the coming year. It’s fascinating to see how many disparities there are between the various lists but hard to identify specific trends. I’ve been reading the lists of up and coming destinations for 2016 – here are the results.

1. Lyon, France

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Widely regarded as Paris's cool sister in the South, Lyon is a stylish city brimming with culture but thankfully not overrun with tourists keen to scale the Eiffel Tower. A hub for underground music and hip art, Lyon's city centre is largely for pedestrians these days. Be sure to visit the Le Sucre arts center, ultra-cool bar DIY Live Station and live music venues Grrrnd Zero and MarchΓ© Gare. Lynonnaise cuisine is legendary, and you'll find yourself soon in urgent need of exercise after pigging out at the city's cafes and restaurants. A bike ride along the Quai Saint-Vincent is ideal antidote!

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