2. Explore Nature in the City

You might not expect to find any thriving natural havens in the middle of the city, but you're wrong about that. If nature is more your thing, you're still spoiled for choice. Walking the grounds of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is even better than what you'll find inside, thanks to rooftop gardens, prairies, and a rather amazing water conservation setups. Inside, adults will have lots of fun, but there are also tons of kid-friendly exhibits and workshops.

On your trip, instead of visiting the zoo, think outside the box and immerse yourself in butterflies instead. The Judy Istock Butterfly Haven is part of the Nature Museum. It isn't quite one of its kind, but almost. A great place for families, kids, and grownups, you'll find yourself in a wonderland composed of beating butterfly wings. Just steer clear if you have a thing about insects. If you're cool with the butterflies, you can even adopt one.

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