2. Stroll along the Bund

Walking along the Bund you will see two sides to Shanghai. The Huangpu River that separates Shanghai from Pudong and its amazing modern buildings is to one side and to the other, the older buildings with a Victorian theme. There are kiosks along its length and all of Shanghai appears to be strolling along and taking in the view and of all the things to do in Shanghai this is one of the most enjoyable. When visiting the Bund the great way to get there is to travel through the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel which is an experience in itself and one of the interesting attractions of Shanghai A morning stroll will afford you the spectacle of office workers rushing to their next appointment, hawkers setting up their stalls, and citizens doing their daily Tai Chi. Come evening, the view is no less busy, but the Pudong skyscrapers are awash with the colors of the twilight.