9 Super Fun Trips to Take with Your Girlfriends ...

If you’re looking for some fun and adventure, check out these ideas for fun trips to take with your girlfriends! No matter where you live, you can find lots of laughs, action and excitement and get away from it all! Has it been awhile since you took a good ol’ girls' trip somewhere? Maybe you just want to get everyone together so you can catch up while you take in some new scenery. Whatever the case, round up your pals and consider one of these fun trips to take with your girlfriends this summer!

1. Palm Springs, CA

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Fun trips to take with your girlfriends don’t always have to be super trendy locations! I consider Palm Springs to be one of the more low key places to visit in Southern California but it doesn’t make it less interesting! Spend a weekend with your girls at a chic hotel such as the Parker, or try taking a trip back to the 1950s at the Desert Riviera, which was voted top pick as the Traveler’s Choice Award. Don't forget to stroll through the Palm Springs Art Museum!

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