7 Spectacular Spelunking Adventures to Find Your Inner Cave Girl ...

Why would you want to go on spelunking adventures? You’re thinking to yourself you don’t even know what that word means – right? Well, the title might have given it away, a little. ‘Cos indeed, spelunking is just the fancy-schmancy word for caving. Spelunking adventures mean getting down into the depths of the Earth discovering and exploring some amazing caves, caverns and holes.

1. El Capitan Cave, USA

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At more than 2 miles, El Capitan is the longest cave in Alaska, clocking in at a cool 40 degrees F (4.4 degrees C). To enter this wettest and muddiest of spelunking adventures, adventurers must first hike a strenuous 367-step stairway up 1,100 feet (335 m) in order to arrive at the cave’s mouth. In order to prevent vandalism as well as White Nose Syndrome (a fungus that is detrimental to bat health), the managers of El Capitan Cave have strict rules for cavers, and a number of caves are closed to the public. However, adventurers may still enter on one of the summer’s guided cave tours.

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