8 Simply Special Reasons to Visit South Africa ...


8 Simply Special Reasons to Visit South Africa ...
8 Simply Special Reasons to Visit South Africa ...

Do you really need a list of reasons to visit South Africa these days? If you had to make up a list of reasons to visit South Africa, you will have missed your chance to go and the next one as well. For those who would still like to be enticed into visiting this stunning country, here is a list of 8 Simply Special Reasons to Visit South Africa.

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The People

South African people are a charismatic, diverse and dynamic mix of cultures, which are all united by one truly South African concept – The Braai. Fun loving, hardworking, enthusiastic, positive and tenacious, the people of South Africa will make sure that you leave their country having made friends for life, with a suitcase full of biltong, a fabulous sun tan and memories that will last a lifetime.


The Weather

South Africa is conserved as having one of the most coveted climates of the world, and apart from small inland towns and further north up towards the border to Namibia, where the weather is a bit like an intense, exotic and unpredictable woman, the weather is absolutely superb all year round. The weather is most definitely one of the best reasons to visit South Africa because the sun beats down in the glorious summer months from October to March, and the winter is mild enough to hang around in wearing shorts and a t-shirt.


The Culture

South Africa did not have the greatest reputation at some point for all the residents being very nice to each other, but as generations emerge from the pain and heartache, they are now embracing each other regardless of race or ethnic or cultural background. With so many official languages all rolled into one South African ‘’taal’’, English, Afrikaans, xhosa and zulu are all used together in once sentence at a time, with black, white, pink, grey and striped people all embracing their heritage and sharing braai recipes. It is a sight to experience and behold.


The Scenery

Why visit South Africa? It is incredibly beautiful! With more scenes out of a National Geographic special, in a 10km radius, than anywhere else in the world, South Africa has some of the most incredible and resplendent sceneries on the planet. If this alone was not the best reason to visit South Africa, then there are none at all. The rolling vineyards of wine country, the glorious Table Mountain in the Cape, the African bush landscapes in the northern Kruger National Park, the whales on the eastern cape coast, the dry and arid landscapes of sheep country in the Karoo, the list is completely breath taking and endless.


The Game Farms

If you are looking for excuses to visit South Africa, then the opportunity to see and experience the wild life on the game farms will be a perfect one. The world famous Kruger National Park is home to the Big 5 - Rhino, Lion, Elephant, Buffalo and Leopard - an abundance of other wild life, bird life and varied eco systems. Addo Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape is not only a sanctuary to hundreds of elephants; there are the big 5 and hundreds of other animals to be found here in the 264,000 ha conservation area.


The Beaches

South Africa is known as having some of the most incredible beaches unlike anywhere else in the world. The pristine, cashmere sands, the rolling surf, the bronzed bodies, the surfers, the cocktail bars on the beach, the rock pools teeming with marine life, and the rugged coastline are just some of the most fantastic reasons to visit South Africa. With the stunning beach weather during the summer, the quiet and secluded conservation spots tucked along the coast, this is one country you do not want to miss.


The Food

With dining options that are simply out of this world, South Africa’s eclectic cuisine, world class chefs, fresh, home grown ingredients and authentic South African flair, the country has put its mark on the world map as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to a South African’s first love – food. With high class dining, seafood off the grill right on the beach, the iconic braai, Cape Malay Curries, Afrikaans Oumas ‘’Melktert’’ right down to the traditional ‘’pap en wors’’, South African is a gastronomic delight for the soul.


The Natural Abundance

No matter where you turn, where you land, where you find yourself, there is not one corner of spectacular South Africa that will not completely enchant and enthral you. The incredible nature reserves and conservation areas offer vast areas of unspoilt countryside that is just waiting to be explored. With South African embracing such an outdoor lifestyle and living life to the fullest, you can be sure that you will be swept up in a whirlwind of mountain trails, hang gliding from Devil’s Peak, moonlit hikes up Lions Head, game walk through the African bush, windsurfing in Big Bay, whale watching in Hermanus, and the best of all the large glass of wine next to the blazing heat of the fire while the braai gets going.

As you might have guessed from my tone, I have quite a passion for South Africa. The list of reasons why you should visit South African are endless, and even the most stoic of souls will be enraptured when they first clamp eyes on the glorious lands. Whatever your reason to visit South Africa is, you can just look around you and you will be able to find 100 more excuses to visit South Africa again. Which one of these 8 Simply Special Reasons to Visit South Africa makes you want to go?

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Thank you for posting this, I'm proudly south African living in the west coast about an hour from cape town, 2 min walk from the beach... I love my country and the people - we look forward on meeting foreigners so those who wants to explore the west coast we have a guest house - fabio's place! In Saldanha bay.

Ooo braai en biltong!

I am South African and i wish more people would come here to experience our country!

Thanks for this...living in Johannesburg and love it....Much to see and do in SA....yes lovely wines from Cape Town.

In a nutshell, this is exactly why you should visit South Africa! The only thing that you didn't emphasize enough is our great wines from Cape Wine lands.

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