2. Farmerโ€™s Museum

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I spend an incredible amount of time at the Farmerโ€™s Museum. Donโ€™t worry, it is NOT a museum of tractors and farm equipment; it is a 19th Century rural village with live people who perform tasks as though they were living in the time period. There are blacksmiths, apothecaries, a general store, a church, a tavern (which serves delicious food), as well as several other buildings with people acting out the activities of a typical day. They have the most spectacular events year round. My husband and I go to Candle Lit Evening every year where they provide horse drawn carriage rides through the snow, caroling indoors and out, wonderful food and cauldrons of wassail brewing over huge fires scattered throughout the property. In March they have the "Sugaring Off" when they make maple syrup. Every Sunday (and yes, we go every week), for $9.00 you get a full, unlimited pancake breakfast with bacon, sausage and home fries as well admission to the rest of the "village." There are various other activities throughout the year, but just exploring the museum itself and talking to all of the actors is a wonderful experience in and of itself. Make sure to ride the Empire State Carousel and see the Cardiff Giant! For events and info visit farmersmuseum.org.

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