7 Places to Visit in Key West ...

The most southerly point of the continental USA (despite being a chain of small islands), the Florida Keys are a dream destination and also quite surreal. Whatever conceptions you might have about the USA or Americans does not apply here and certainly not to the largest island – Key West. Key West is eccentric and almost surreal but beautiful and romantic too. Key West revels in non-conformity yet embraces its tropical gorgeousness. And as to me, this location is indelibly associated with Ernest Hemingway, let’s start there:

1. The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

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One of the most popular places to visit in Key West, this museum is more renowned, perhaps, for its cats than for its namesake. The US National Historic Landmark where the famous author Ernest Hemmingway once lived, wrote, and cared for Snow White, his 6-toed cat, is now home to about 50 descendants of that cat, most of them with the characteristic 6 toes. Enjoy a guided tour of the home as well as a walk around the gardens; a special treat during summer when the flowers are in bloom.

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