7 off the Radar Destinations to Consider for 2015 ...

With so many fabulous places how do you choose your holiday destination? If you don’t like to follow the crowd and are looking for somewhere different, I’ve got some off the radar destinations for you to consider.

1. Discover Bilbao, Spain

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Although Malaga is rapidly catching up in the affections of international tourists looking for Europe's best cultural hot spots, Bilbao is still one of the best off the radar destinations in Spain. From its stunning plazas and awe-inspiring landscapes to its extraordinary museums, Bilbao is one of the most inspiring places to visit. The wonderful architecture of the Santiago Cathedral and the Guggenheim Museum alone are worth the price of a plane ticket. Rent a car and explore the Bilbao coastline, which is a far cry from the holiday villas and apartment complexes of the Costa del Sol. For a special night out, catch an opera at the Palacio Euskalduna.

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