Are You Brave Enough to Visit the Deadliest Tourist Destinations in the World?

There are many adrenalin junkies and adventurers out there in search for the deadliest tourist destinations, looking to push their limits like never before and defy death. Fortunately for them, the world if full of dangerous places, so they surely have many choices to pick from. Here are just 7 of the deadliest tourist destinations in the world.

1. Death Road, Bolivia

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This is a 43-mile stretch of rock and sand that winds its way through the mountains. It's a single lane road that completely lacks guardrails, boasts 200 ft. drops, and it's littered with hundreds of crosses – to mark the lives it has claimed. They say 300 people die here every year. Even its name clearly says it's one of the deadliest tourist destinations, yet it draws numerous visitors from around the world – specifically hardcore adventurers and even people crazy enough to try their mountain biking skills on the rocky road.

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