How to Spend 48 Hours in Los Angeles ...

If youโ€™re clever you can cram a lot into two days on a city break. Itโ€™s about choosing the places you want to go and planning an optimum itinerary to fit them all in the time you have. If youโ€™re going to Los Angeles, here are things you can do in 48 hours.


1. El Pueblo De Los Angeles

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If you have only 48 hours in Los Angeles, El Pueblo is a great place to spend an entire morning. It sits near where the first settlers arrived back in 1781, and boasts L.A.โ€™s oldest existing building, the Avila Adobe. This 1818 ranch house is surrounded by other things to see as well โ€“ Olvera Street is a pedestrian area with all the items youโ€™d expect in a shopping area south of the border, including the typical touristy items. Several historical buildings sit nearby, like La Placita and Union Station.

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