7 Great Places to Go in Texas ...

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7 Great Places to Go in Texas ...

Places in Texas are going to appeal to a wide group of travelers and visitors. Texas is the most far-reaching state in all of the USA; and some of the best destinations in America are places in Texas. With a nick name like Lone Star, it conjures up images of rouge cowboys and gun battles out in the dusty avenues of the Texas prairies. Some of the best places in Texas to see and experience are some of the most unlikely, with larger than life Texan friendliness and hospitality making a trip to Texas a truly memorable one. Here are 7 Great Places To Go in Texas.

1 Enchanted Rock, Fredericksburg

This natural phenomenon is a popular tourist site due to its strange and unusual pink color. The entire rock formation completely consists of granite, and what makes it so fascinating is not only the color, but the incredible size as well. The Enchanted Rock covers some 260 hectares of terrain and rises to a height of over 550 meters tall. A geological anomaly in its own right, it is also surrounded by fascinating stories and legends about the rock and the mystical Indian tribes. It’s definitely one of the most interesting sites in Texas.

2 Lady Bird Lake, Austin

This 416 acre man-made artificial lake has an impressive contrast to its natural counterparts, with rolling scenery and stunning views. Few are aware that the lake was built solely for the purpose of controlling the flow of the Colorado River, and acts as a reservoir in helping to prevent flooding. Becoming a wonderful recreation area for those who live and visit Austin, many hotels and luxury accommodation have been built along the banks. The Lady Bird Bike and Hike trail is a popular way for locals and visitors to keep fit.

3 Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas

A true tribute to the live and times of John F. Kennedy, this unusual museum is only one of its kind in the world. Located at exactly the place where Lee Harvey Oswald stayed, the man who murdered the president in cold blood, the museum is famous worldwide for its dedication to the American Icon. There are exhibits showcasing the life, times and political career of John Kennedy, with fascinating detail and facts that are maybe not all common knowledge. Exhibits include details of his untimely death and the tragedy that ensued for his family and the American people. This place in Texas is an absolute must for anyone interested in American history.

4 Caverns of Sonora

The magical caverns of Sonora are some of the most beautiful caves anywhere in the world. The caves are just full of dramatic crystal and helictite formations that have visitors coming from all over the world just to see them. Tours can be done through the caves with guides and experienced cavers, giving visitors a rare chance to see one of the few active caves in the region. Scientists and cave explorer are stunned to see the constant renewal and further growth of the incredible natural formations.

5 Congress Avenue Bridge, Austin

This glorious architectural testament to the 45th Governor and Austin resident Ann W. Richards was originally built in 1960. Not only is this striking bridge famous for the dramatic architecture, but also because it is home to the largest bat colony seen in any city in the world! More than 1.5 million bats have made the underside of the bridge their home and arrive to take up residence ever single summer without fail. Definitely one of the most interesting places in Texas and you are even able to take a bat-boat tour that will take you to visit the bats.

6 Big Bend National Park

This massive protected national sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who visit from all over the world. Covering more than 3242 square kilometers, visitors will have a chance to experience all that the park has to offer in terms of wildlife, reptiles, birds and diverse array of plant life. A fascinating journey can be taken through history as many interesting fossils and historical artifacts have been found and are showcased at the historical sites. A large Indian and Native American historical site, you can witness evidence of their lives here in the park.

7 The Alamo, San Antonio

It’s a stark reminder of the battle at The Alamo, and a tribute to those brave souls who lost their lives when Santa Anna attacked. The Alamo is one of most visited places in Texas. More than 2 million people flock here every year to visit the site, and see the exhibitions and artifacts of a 300 year old journey gone by. Even though the brave guardians of The Alamo were not victorious, site pays homage to those who gave their lives for freedom and liberty.

Texas is a vivacious place to visit, with such a varied portfolio. You may need to narrow down your choices about where you want to visit, especially if you are travelling through only for a few days. If you are going to be in Texas for longer time you will be able to tick off a longer list of places in Texas that you will be able to visit. Which would be your favorite attractions in Texas that you would recommend?

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