2. Bo Kaap & Noon Gun

Situated on the edge of Cape Town CBD is the Bo Kaap, the heritage suburb of Cape Town. Characterized by its brightly painted houses and mosques, you hear the call of the muezzin throughout day. On the slopes of Signal Hill in the Bo Kaap is the domed tomb (Kramat) of Sheik Joseph who established the Muslim community in 1694. There are six sacred Kramats that encircle Cape Town; Muslim families still make frequent pilgrimages to the tombs.

One of the oldest living traditions is the firing of the Noon Gun, each day at precisely twelve o’clock. Originally the gun was fired as a time signal for ships anchored in the bay; today Capetonians rely on the noon gun for accurate time. The noon gun is maintained and fired by the South African Navy. Traditionally one should pause for two minutes after the gun has sounded. The first minute is a time for thanksgiving and the second minute to remember those who have passed.