7 Fun Places to Go on Summer Vacation in the US ...

If youโ€™ve limited summer vacations to your traditional local beach, then my dear, it is time to learn about some new places to go on summer vacation in the US. I will admit, there is a nice feeling about returning to the same beach year after year for vacations. Most of us resonate with traditions on a deep level, especially when it comes to vacations. Yet, there is also something invigorating about trying one new place each year to see parts of the country you have never been before! The following 7 places were all included in the top 22 best places to travel in the US by Travel and Leisure magazine. I chose 7 that were trendy, popular with most age groups, and filled with fun things to do. Check out these places to go on summer vacation in the US and be sure to let me know if you have any favorites!

1. Chicago, IL

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If you think the beach is one of the only places to go on summer vacation in the US, think again! No, thereโ€™s no ocean breeze in The Windy City, but there are plenty of fun things to do! You can actually still find lake shores where people love to soak up the sun, play volleyball and stay by the water if you are interested in that type of thing though. Chicago is pedestrian friendly, filled with top-rated tasty restaurants, endless shopping venues, and incredible sightseeing opportunities. Take advantage of the warmer months to visit the northern areas of the US when itโ€™s not below freezing out! Youโ€™ll have tons of fun, and find amazing new things to see and do.

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