2. New York

Oh my! New York is so overwhelmingly amazing when it comes to everything, and the food is a whole other story in itself! While you will find typical McDonald's and Starbucks on nearly every corner of New York City, you’ll also find unique sushi restaurants, fantastic steakhouses, unique pubs for those of you who like a few cocktails and spirits, and my favorite spots are all of the fresh, raw and vegan restaurants, markets and grocers on every single corner. You can eat so healthy in New York and get a taste of all the amazing cultural cuisine around too. If you’re more into standard American food, they’ve got you covered with the original Nathan’s hot dog restaurant, a Peanut Butter and Jelly Co. restaurant, Chobani restaurant, Oatmeal restaurant, and tons of great food stands with hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, and of course, coffee on every single corner. Then, you’ve got all the great Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Korean foods in areas like Chinatown and other areas in Manhattan. There’s just something for everyone in New York, but are you really surprised? In my opinion, it’s the most fabulous place on Earth!