7 Exciting Reasons to Visit Kenya ...

Having been there, it’s not hard to present reasons to visit Kenya. Kenya is one of the most developed and stable countries (despite the reason Mall incident) in Africa and tourism is well established. It is also highly organized, so you might not always feel you’re getting the true and authentic wild African experience, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy. It is exciting and vibrant and full of fantastic things to see and do. Here are the best reasons to visit Kenya:

1. Perfect Climate

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One of the main reasons to visit Kenya is its tropical climate, offering warm temperatures and sunshine all year round. The average temperatures range from 22 to 30 degrees Celsius (72 to 86 F) – great for safaris or a beach holiday. There are, indeed, tropical rainstorms, but they’re usually in the rainy seasons, and most often at night. I, for one, actually find them quite romantic, rather than a turn-off. And what’s best is that you won’t get any of those grey, cloudy days that are so damn depressing. As soon as the rain is over, the sun’s up and running again (so to speak).

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