8. Tote Bag

Tote bags save you money instead of paying for single use carrier bags in supermarkets, they are also environmentally friendly. Tote bags are also much more secure than carrier bags and can get much more items in which is ideal for travelling. They can be used on holiday to carry items from a supermarket, can be used as a beach bag and also be used for picnics. Plus, don’t forget girls – very helpful for all those lovely shopping trips to buy souvenirs.

When packing your case for your return journey home the tote bag comes in handy as a laundry bag to separate clean and dirty washing.

Next time you take a vacation, produce a checklist to work from when packing to ensure you have all essential travel items. The items I have listed are generally small and will take up minimal space. It may be a list of somewhat surprising 8 Essential Travel Items You Always Forget To Pack But Shouldn’t but they are sensible suggestions and will come in very handy when the need arises. What’s the essential, if unusual, essential travel item you always pack?

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