7 Unconventionally Romantic Destinations to Travel to ...


7 Unconventionally Romantic Destinations to Travel to ...
7 Unconventionally Romantic Destinations to Travel to ...

There are so many romantic destinations in the world, I sometimes wish there was a comprehensive list out there! You see, everyone has a different definition of romance: some love the flowers, some love adventure, and others define romance as a good concert and drinks after. Regardless, there is something out there for everyone! So here are 7 unconventionally romantic destinations to travel to!

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Italy Let’s start off the list of romantic destinations to travel to with an oldie but goodie – Italy. There’s more to Italy than Rome. There’s Milan, Lake Como, Positano, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, seriously a huge list of places to go to! The beautiful thing about Italy is that there are so many different destinations for different types of travelers. Milan is for the fashion forward, or you and your other half will love Lake Como if you’re true romantics. Just take a look around and see what part of Italy calls to you!


The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands There are a lot of Greek Islands. A LOT. Probably the most well known of them all is Santorini, but there’s also a slew of them with super cool names and landscapes that are fit for a God. You have Mykonos, Rhodes, Milos, and tons more, all of which look exactly like a screensaver. You have so much to do here, be it sailing, sightseeing, or eating as much seafood as you can possibly muster. The Greek Islands are one of the most diverse romantic destinations to travel to, and the best part is, you can go island hopping too!



Montreal I adore Montreal, I’ve been there countless times and I maintain to this day that it should be on the list of romantic destinations to travel to. My boyfriend and I went there last year and we absolutely loved it! There’s a little bit of everything, something for the foodie lover in you, the adventurous side, and anyone who loves to emerge themselves in another culture will absolutely adore it here. It’s close to home (I’m in Toronto), it’s got both a city vibe and country vibe. Take a trip here and you’ll love it.



Seychelles My goodness, have you SEEN pictures of this place? It is beyond gorgeous. This place is the ultimate destination for the true romantics. If you want a gorgeous beach, beautiful weather, amazing food, gorgeous sunsets, the whole nine yards, then Seychelles is your place to go. Hotels that are almost like private islands, parasailing, waterfalls, scuba diving, this is the place to go!



Laos Laos is one of those newer romantic destinations, but this small country in Asia is slowly starting to gain more and more travelers. Going to Laos promises culture, food, adventure, nature, architecture, and a whole series of other sightseeing wonders you can only dream of. Luckily, we haven’t been too overexposed to this beautiful place here in America yet, so I say we all try to get to this place before it becomes overrun with tourists!


Alaskan Cruise

Alaskan Cruise One of my friends’ sister went on an Alaskan cruise for her honeymoon, and she absolutely loved it. I understand why, I’ve been on an Alaskan cruise before, and the views you see are absolutely breathtaking. What I love about cruises is that you get great food (I ate so much smoked salmon it’s insane), but you also get to visit places that you normally wouldn’t get to go without a big boat to take you there! So the next time you’re looking for one of those exotic romantic destinations to visit, try Alaska!



Chile Chile on the list of romantic destinations is kind of odd, right? I thought so too. Then I saw the Elqui Domos Hotel in Chile and I understood why. It’s a completely different world, a place where I truly believe that if you went, you would see the world in a completely new light. This place puts you in the middle of nature, and if you love stargazing, this place will be a dream for you. This is still a relatively new destination, but something tells me that once word gets out, it will become a super packed place. So let’s be smart, ladies, and get there before everyone else does!

I love looking for new and exciting places to go, and I’m definitely starry-eyed when it comes to travelling. There are many places in the world that are known for the romantic environment they evoke, but I think there’s something special about going to a less conventional place. You get to not only discover a new place, but see the world through a new light! So tell me, what are some exotic and unconventional romantic destinations you want to go to?

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oh my lord i should go to these places with my lovee

I'm from Montreal and my favorite go-to place is the old port! :)

Fiji and Sao Tome and Principe

I went to Bora Bora for my honeymoon. It's the most breathtaking place I have ever been to.

Trieste, little over an hour's train ride away (due east) is gorgeous!!!

Yes! Wanna go right away!!

Shouldn't it be 7 unconventional not unconventionally?

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