7 Epic Trips for a Summer You'll Never Forget ...

Any time is a perfect time for travel but there’s just something special about epic trips in the summer. It’s all the more sweeter knowing you’ve shucked off the winter blues, and maybe you’ve been saving for the past 12 months to be able to go on your dream vacation. So, the question is, just what are the epic trips you should be considering?

1. A Safari in Africa

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This is one of those epic trips that is on many a traveler’s wish list, but its propensity to appear on bucket lists doesn’t lessen its value one iota. You can watch every nature program on National Geographic and the Discovery Channel but there is nothing like the sight of the African Big 5 in their natural habitat, roaming free and acting as nature intended. The majesty of these magnificent beasts in close up is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. You could also turn this into one of the trips of a lifetime by not just going out on a game drive, but by helping with the animal conservation programs. I’m not going to be specific about a destination because there are fabulous destinations in East Africa (Kenya) and Southern Africa (Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa).

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