7 Enthralling Adventures to Have in Zambia ...

You may not have heard much of the adventures to have in Zambia. Zambia lags behind its southern African neighbors in garnering attention from the tourist world, but it is no lacking in gorgeousness than South Africa, Namibia or Botswana. Travel is a little more challenging for this reason but that just makes the adventures to have in Zambia that bit more exciting.

1. Camp in the Bush

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Don’t worry, this is not about finding a tree to pitch a wee tent and mosquito net under, with a small fire to keep away predator animals. Bush camping is one of the adventures to have in Zambia which comes with all mod cons. There’s a range of accommodations in the national parks in remote parts of this huge landlocked country, from luxurious chalets to glamping sites to tented camps. All stays will include some type of safari and you won’t have to dream of candlelight suppers under wide open skies with the sounds of animals and birds as a melodic background, because here, it is a reality.

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