2. Bring Your Own Beverages

Don’t think you have to live off convenient sources of coffee, tea and water. Just bring your own! I like to portion out baggies for however many days I’ll be there and I include any tea bags I may want with my vitamins so I’m sure not to misplace them. This keeps you from having to bring individual tea boxes or containers. For your coffee, just measure out how much you’ll need for the stay and place it in a small travel container. Bring your tablespoon to measure with, some coffee filters and you can go without that stale hotel coffee and pricey lounge coffee. If your hotel doesn’t have a coffee maker, then just ask. Many will allow you to use one while on your stay. If you don’t want to bring bottled water, which can weigh a good bit and be pricey, just bring your lightweight Brita filter. It can filter out water wherever you are and be poured into cups.