10 Best Restaurants in NYC You've Got to Try ...

The best restaurants in NYC are one of the reasons so many visitors flock to the city. They're also why so many people love living there, and never want to go anywhere else. You can find all kinds of different cuisines when you dine in the top restaurants in NYC, from scrumptious sushi to fabulous French fare. It all depends on what pleases your palate the most. After you check out this detailed list of the most amazing restaurants in NYC, you might be hard pressed to pick just one! Do I smell a serious foodie tour?


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If you love sushi, then for you, one of the best restaurants in NYC will definitely be MEGU, which has so many delicious choices your mouth will start watering when you read the menu. You can enjoy a wonderful light lunch there with appetizers including edamame soup and Yellowtail carpaccio, and lunch choices including sushi rolls, Kobe steak, or duck confit! Dinner is even better, and the choices are seemingly endless. There are cold dishes, hot dishes, and lots of traditional Japanese delicacies with their own flair. It is to die!


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