10 Best Cruises for 2012 ...


Best Cruises for 2012? But I’m in my 20s. I’m too young to go on a cruise. Why would I go on a cruise? That’s a jolly good question, actually, so let me tell you about some of the best cruises for 2012 and why you might want to take one. Seventy percent of our planet is covered by water. Cruising is no longer just for the ‘newly wed-nearly dead’ or for the super rich. Cruise liners have become more accessible, with tailor made itineraries to suit every dream destination, and holiday wish. Embark on these monolithic floating cities. Relax and experience the wonders of the world. Why not join the millions that will be travelling the high seas in search of adventure, relaxation and sail away on one of the 10 Best Cruises for 2012.

1. Around the World

Sail for three months visiting exotic locations. View itineraries and ports of call online; select your port of departure from Southampton, England or Fort Lauderdale, USA. Many cruise companies offer the alternative of joining the ship at a port near you with a fly home option from their homeport. Circumnavigate the globe in style, cross the mighty oceans of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic as you follow the routes of explorers of old visiting Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the Americas. My pick of best cruise for 2012 is Cunard Line - Queen Mary 2. The Queen Mary 2 is Cunard’s flagship and embarks on her 5th world cruise in 2012. This is the ultimate in sea travel, cruising at high speeds in superb comfort; one truly sails in a grand manner with excellent amenities and accommodation.

Vacation or Seasonal Cruises
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