8 Best Beaches for Winter 2012 ...


Does the thought of the best winter beaches get your toes tingling? Just because the weather has gone cold and you have swapped your sandals for your socks doesn’t mean that there are not still some of the best winter beaches to visit all over the world. A sun-kissed beach is surely the best escape from a chilly, miserable winter. So if you are looking for a fabulous sunshine vacation to run off to, here is a list of the 8 Best Beaches for Winter 2012/3.

1. Paeau Beach, Mo'orea, off Tahiti

Irresistibly intoxicating, this little island gem is a relatively unknown neighbor to its famous Polynesian celebrity sister, Tahiti, which helps make it one of the best winter beaches. Close your eyes and conjure up images of the whitest, softest beach sand, mesmerizing turquoise waters all fringed with an horizon of gently swaying palm leaves. Open your eyes, and step out into a scene that is so perfect, so picturesque you can hardly believe it. Famous for the heart shaped coral bed that peeks alluringly out of the sparkling azure waters, could it even get more romantic than that?

L'Hermitage Beach, Réunion Island
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