10 Amazing 👏🏼 Things All 💯 Girls Hitting New Zealand 🇳🇿 Should do While There ✌🏼 ...

Living in New Zealand definitely has its perks! It's such a beautiful country (although sometimes forgotten about due to it's tiny size and population) so if you're thinking of going travelling around this side of the world, definitely make New Zealand a priority - don't forget to stop by and say hi!

New Zealand is known for it's amazing rugby team the All Blacks (great at winning the World Cup), the welcoming and relaxed people who refer to you as 'bro' when they first meet you and who could forget the beautiful scenery!

Have you been to New Zealand and if so whereabouts? What did you think?

1. Check out the View from the Sky Tower in Auckland

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The Sky Tower is Auckland's main attraction and what it's known for (as well as the ridiculously high property prices...believe me, I should know) so it's definitely a must-see if you're coming through here!

You can actually go all the way up to the top and admire the view of the entire city from the windows that go all the way around the tower. There's even a café and restaurant at the top (what better way to dine out than to have a view like that beside you?) and a gift shop at the bottom.

If you're the adventurous type you can even bungee jump off the top of the tower and wave to all the people inside looking out!

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