7 Useful Words and Phrases when Traveling Any Country ...


I’m not going to say much by way of an introduction here other than let you know I am going to share 7 useful words and phrases for traveling that will come in handy – along with 7 translations: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

Even the simplest words can make a difference and take you much further than simply shouting your own language louder to try and make yourself understood.

Here are what I think are the most useful words and phrases for traveling.

1. Hello




Guten tag.





Amongst the most useful words and phrases for traveling is a simple, polite β€œhello.” Greeting someone in their native tongue can be a surefire way to win instant approval as a foreigner or tourist.

Think about it – when you enter a shop, see someone in the street, or approach a native to ask for directions – before apologizing for not being fluent in the local language, at least demonstrate that you respect the culture enough to learn a basic greeting.2

A greeting not only breaks the ice, but shows that you’re coming to their culture not as if you own the place, but with a warm intent of diplomacy.

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