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For the Western world, the New Year has come and gone and it already seems ages ago, but if you still need an excuse to party there are some fabulous places to celebrate Chinese New Year.

2017 is going to be the Year of the Rooster and will be ushered in over a two week period beginning around the very end of January, with the official start date being January 28th.

The festivities are always among some of the greatest on the planet, so let’s visit some of the top places to celebrate Chinese New Year.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Never one to refuse a party, Hong Kong’s festivities are loud, brash and highly colorful.

For 15 days, the city that never sleeps is completely engrossed in having a good time.

There are huge parades and lion and dragon dances around Tsim Sha Tsui East on January 28, a huge fireworks display in Victoria Harbor, the skyscrapers flash messages and there is red everywhere.

The horse races will take place January 30th.

Everyone dresses in new clothes, attends family feasts and shops until they drop.

Always amazing, Hong Kong is absolutely one of the top places to celebrate Chinese New Year.2

2. London


Chinatown in the UK capital is a bustling, thriving area of Soho, and a great place to visit any time.

If you are looking for where to celebrate Chinese New Year outside of South East Asia, London is the perfect choice.

This year, begins with the parade on January 29th as well as all the usual street celebrations, lion/dragon dances and street entertainments, stages will be set up for contemporary performers from China and local artistes.

Naturally, a magnificent fireworks display will close proceedings.

3. Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

The Vietnamese observe the same new year period as the Chinese, based on the same lunar calendar, but it is known as Tet.

Generally, the celebrations last 3-5 days but there is a greater emphasis on family than in other countries.

The major cities can seem β€˜quiet’ at this time of year because many migrant workers return to their rural homes to be with their loved ones.

But, this doesn’t mean the celebrations in the city are low-key.

Far from it!

Houses are given fresh coats of paint, everyone has new clothes and even debts may be wiped clean.2

Generous feasts for family and friends are definitely the order of the day.

San Francisco
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