A Must-Have Checklist for Your Next Trip ...

There are things that you can shove in your bag at the last minute, and then there are things to check before traveling. The kind that needs to be arranged days or even weeks before you leave for that long deserved holiday. Our family went to three different continents within one month and while we enjoyed our trips, it was also an exhausting game of checking every single item in our travel list. Here are seven things to check before traveling:

1. Insurance

When I wrote "things to check before traveling", I don't just mean tangible things to check. The expression is “don’t leave home without it”; well, that is so true when it comes to travelling far away from home and hearth. Lord forbid you should get into an accident or need serious medical treatment and you are in a country that doesn’t understand a word you are saying. So before you skip out on your holiday, be sure to purchase a limited time, fully vested insurance plan that will not only cover you should you get into an accident but will help you 24/7 if your flight(s) are cancelled.