9 Stereotypes of Americans Held by Other Countries ...


As much as we like to think other countries look up to us, there are a ton of stereotypes of Americans that other nations hold about us.

When you are such a world power, it makes sense that not every country agrees with the way we handle ourselves as a nation.

But regardless of the global perception of us, there is no way to define our entire nation in a few characteristics.

As many stereotypes of Americans as there are, I would have to disagree that they describe the majority of Americans that I know.2

1. We Are Promiscuous

One of the most annoying stereotypes of Americans that other countries hold about us.

When I was in Israel, a variety of my new Israeli friends found it so strange that we had never done all these promiscuous acts and had had a limited number of partners.

They assumed that all American girls were easy and willing to hook up with anyone.

I have found in my travels that foreign men think it is strange when I tell them that women in American are not promiscuous or too outrageous with their sex lives.

I am not sure how this stereotype started but it needs to stop soon.

2. We Are Ignorant

As much as I hate stereotypes, I can see where this one comes from.

Turn on American news channels and it is filled with all national news about celebrities, while the BBC covers news from around the globe.2

We tend to focus only on things relevant to Americans and tend to tune out international news.

That being said, foreigners apply this perspective to all Americans they meet.

I know tons of Americans who love to learn all they can about new cultures and to apply one stereotype to all Americans is just wrong.

We Are Fat
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