7 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress While Flying ...


As a frequent traveler, Iโ€™m all for taking steps to reduce stress while flying, from sticking with carry-on bags to bringing my own food.2

Are you tired of feeling aggravated and overwhelmed when taking to the skies?

Check out a few of my all-time favorite ways to reduce stress while flying.

1. Avoid Checked Luggage

When it comes to helping reduce stress while flying, I typically avoid checking luggage if possible, instead sticking with a backpack and briefcase as carry-on bags.

Depending on where Iโ€™m going and how long Iโ€™ll be there, this isnโ€™t always an option, but even so, Iโ€™ve definitely surprised myself over the years with just how much I can fit into my carry-on bags.

Keep this advice in mind while you pack, as traveling with only carry-on luggage can often speed up your check-in time and also prevent you from having to wait for your bags upon arrival.

And best of all, thereโ€™s no chance of anything getting lost!

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