7 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress While Flying ...


As a frequent traveler, I’m all for taking steps to reduce stress while flying, from sticking with carry-on bags to bringing my own food.

Are you tired of feeling aggravated and overwhelmed when taking to the skies?

Check out a few of my all-time favorite ways to reduce stress while flying.

1. Avoid Checked Luggage

When it comes to helping reduce stress while flying, I typically avoid checking luggage if possible, instead sticking with a backpack and briefcase as carry-on bags.

Depending on where I’m going and how long I’ll be there, this isn’t always an option, but even so, I’ve definitely surprised myself over the years with just how much I can fit into my carry-on bags.

Keep this advice in mind while you pack, as traveling with only carry-on luggage can often speed up your check-in time and also prevent you from having to wait for your bags upon arrival.

And best of all, there’s no chance of anything getting lost!

2. Join a Mileage Rewards Program

If you’re a frequent flier, one of the absolute best things you can do is enroll in one or several mileage rewards programs.

I, for instance, recently signed up for an airline’s mileage rewards credit card, which has certainly come in handy.

Along with the obvious benefit of racking up miles I can put toward free first class or economy tickets, my membership in this program also allows for extra perks like priority boarding, a free checked bag and occasional passes to the airline’s private lounges, all of which help ensure a smooth, hassle-free trip.

Of course, mileage programs and their sign-up requirements are as varied as the airlines themselves, so be sure to research options before choosing the ones that are right for you.

3. Stay Positive

Missed your connection?

Dealing with a cancelled flight?

Whatever the situation, take a deep breath and try your best to keep a cool head while actively taking steps to resolve things.2

As tempting as it can be to get worked up, stressing out and becoming upset will only make an already tense situation worse.

Customers who are rude and disruptive are also not very likely to receive especially helpful treatment from airline officials, so as much as you reasonably can, try to remain positive at all times.

Bring along Fun Distractions
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