5. The Real Reason NUMBERS 1-4 on THIS LIST ARE ENFORCED at CERTAIN TIMES during the FLIGHT...

Such as up until you hear the first chime after takeoff and then again at the 'prepare for landing' is because this is the 10,000 feet mark.

This means you are above 10,000 feet at the beginning of your flight and going below 10,000 feet at the end of your flight.

This is the crucial phase of flight.

Meaning if something were to go wrong, statistics show it usually happens either during the first 10,000 feet or the last 10,000 feet because that is when taking off and landing procedures are happening and there is more chance for error or danger.2

So the next time your flight attendant asks you to do certain things, maybe she will sound a little like your mother because truthfully it is for your own good ...well, your own safety in this case.

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