7 Places to Go Hunting for Monsters ...


Places to hunt for monsters?


I say – why not?

How many of you are fans of Twilight?

Anne Rice’s vampire novels?

Anything with a supernatural theme on TV such as Grimm or Being Human?

Going to places to hunt for monsters adds a fun theme to your travels, if this kind of thing gets your heart a racing.

Look at some of the terrific destinations that may call to you and see what monsters you may find there.

1. Verify Vampires in the Balkans

Verify Vampires in the Balkans

The world has many places to hunt for monsters but you may want to start your journey in the Balkans.

After all, it was here, in the Romanian province of Transylvania, that the most famous bloodsucker of them all had his castle.

However, since Count Dracula did turn to dust in the end, you’ll probably have more success heading southward if you want to encounter a real vampire.

The word ‘vampire’ comes from Serbia and this is one country that seems to be teeming with the creatures, if the stories of Petar Blagojevic, Arnold Paule and Sava Savanovic are anything to go by.

Don’t think that sunlight will do them any harm, however.

The places thought to be inhabited by more vampires than anywhere else are the sunny Greek islands of Santorini, Thirassia and Kameni.

2. Watch for Werewolves in France and the Alps

Watch for Werewolves in France and the Alps

Werewolves have been roaming Europe since ancient times.2

For example, Herodotus wrote about the Neuri, who lived in the area of what is now the south of Belarus and the north of Ukraine and who turned into wolves once a year.

Historical records show that France seems to be a favourite hunting ground for werewolves and a good place to go looking for these monsters.2

Some of these creatures were caught and brought to trial, among them Pierre Burgot and Michel Verdun in Besancon, Gilles Garnier in Dôle, Jacques Rollet of Caude and Peter Stumpp of Bedburg near Cologne.

There were also reported werewolf sightings at Anjou, Bordeaux and the province of Lozère.2

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