5. Christmasville, Carroll County, Tennessee

It seems that some people find the etymology of places called Christmas fascinating. Such is the case with Christsmasville. Itโ€™s kindaโ€™ difficult to pin down the origin and indeed the town itself, as it has moved site within the same area several times. In 1974, Dr. Marvin L. Dowling of the University of Tennessee found a number of stories pertaining to how Christmasville got its name. One was that a man young man suggested the name when the town was dressed for a celebration in the 1820s, because it looked like Christmas. Another tells us that some cotton traders were forced to find shelter from a storm during Christmas week. And yet another claims it merely comes from the former owner of the land on which the original town was built, one John Christmas McLemore. Professor Dowling believed the last one to be the most reasonable.