7 Pieces of Lightweight Luggage Perfect for Holiday Travel ...

If you’re traveling home for the holidays, it’s time to give some thought to packing and for this, lightweight luggage is definitely best. If you are carrying presents that will add weight to your clothes, lightweight luggage is going to ease the burden on your allowance. Invest in a decent piece of lightweight luggage and you won’t just use it for the holidays but all year round.

1. Samsonite LIFT

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You can usually expect decent quality from Samsonite but their signature pieces are hard shell, which always makes them heavier than fabric luggage. They have, however, introduced the L.I.F.T. range of lightweight luggage. LIFT stands for Lightweight Innovations for Travel. It has all the classic styling of Samsonite and comes in a range of colors, including this vibrant purple. The range of sizes is good too and there are also expandable pieces – especially handy for packing those holiday gifts! The 21” starts at something just over $100 depending on where you buy it from. All stockists of Samsonite will probably have this range and there are plenty of online retailers.

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