National Geographic's 🌎 Best Trips ✈️ for 2017 ...


If you’re undecided on your next vacation destination, you can’t go wrong with at least looking at National Geographic’s recommendations.2

Having been a major player in the world of travel for decades, you just know there are going to be some incredible destinations and interesting suggestions.

Here are the National Geographic recommended trips for 2017:

1. Kauai - United States

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The destination of Kauai will be familiar to many as the key location for the majority of the Jurassic Park movies, but I promise that if you decide to visit, you won’t get into half as much trouble!2

With marked hiking paths, deep plunging pools and North America’s largest mahogany forest, there is enough nature packed in to this place to fill your quota for the entire year!

2. Finland

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It’s hard to pick a specific location in Finland because the entire country is completely amazing.

Containing 40 national parks, 6 national hiking areas and 12 wilderness areas, you are completely spoilt for choice in this Scandinavian paradise.

Not to mention, you can take a trip to Lapland!

3. Baja California - Mexico

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Head to Baja California if you want 2017 to be the year that your mind was blown by wildlife under the sea!

Bordered on the west by Pacific Ocean and on the east by the Sea of Cortez, the crystal blue waters provide homes for, among others, great white sharks, whales, manta rays and literally thousands of varieties of fish.

If scuba diving is on your bucket list, then make sure you tick it off in Mexico!

4. Banff - Canada

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Banff provides the visual definition of rugged beauty, with the Canadian haven offering expansive mountain landscapes where you can enjoy activities like mountain hiking, horseback riding, and a spot of luxurious relaxing in hot springs.

This year in particular is perfect to visit, as Canada will be celebrating it’s 150th nationhood anniversary!

Cloud Forests - Ecuador
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