Indulge Your Thirst for Art with These Bold Public Installations🖼 ...


Public art is amazing simply because it’s accessible.

If you’re not one for wandering through museums, you can still enjoy great artistic creations – you’ll find them in a huge variety of places around the world.

1. Puppy – Jeff Koons

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, sculpture, statue, toy, balloon,

And you thought Edward Scissorhands was the king of shrub sculptures?

Visit the Guggenheim Museum in Spain to see the cutest giant shrub puppy you are ever likely to see.

2. Another Place – Anthony Gormley

horizon, shore, silhouette,

This eerie figure standing in the sea can be found on Cosby Beach in Liverpool, England, and there is something about it that reminds you how small human beings are in comparison to the power of nature.

3. Shuttlecock – Claes Oldenburg

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, grass, sculpture, vehicle, jet aircraft,

You can make yourself seem way out of proportion by having a picture taken next to the imposing shuttlecocks on the grounds of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, USA.

4. Cloud Gate – Anish Kapoor

Cloud Gate, landmark, cathedral, building, skyline,

This installation in the AT&T Plaza at Millennium Park, Chicago, USA does some really interesting things with the reflections that it creates amongst skyscrapers of the Chicago skyline.

5. Crack is Wack – Keith Haring

Crack Is Wack, Crack is Wack, Crack is Wack, red, RFK,

A commentary on the overwhelming drug problem that urban inner cities suffer, this Harlem (New York) installation is as bold as the message that it carries, also a statement made famous by an infamous Whitney Houston interview.3

6. Yellow Pumpkin – Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama, Fukuoka, yellow, art, sea,

This quirky pumpkin located Benesse Art Site in Naoshima, Japan really makes its mark on the landscape, with its vivid colors and vibrant design standing out against the blue of the sea.

7. The Berlin Wall

East Side Gallery, art, flooring, pattern,

Once a terrible, divisive structure in German history, the remains of the Berlin Wall have now been preserved and can be visited to see the remnants of art and culture that are still stuck on the concrete to this day.

Colonnes De Buren – Daniel Buren
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