7 Brilliant Reasons to Visit Boston ...


Visit Boston to be immersed in the very roots of American history. Visit Boston to be inspired by educational excellence. Visit Boston to enjoy a spectacle of art and architecture. Visit Boston to, well ... just have a jolly good time. Despite the immeasurable heritage of Boston, it is an ever-evolving landscape of cultural activity and things rarely stand still. Hereโ€™s just 7 Brilliant Reasons to Visit Boston:

1. On the Trail of Revolutionary Heroes

Boston is the very seat of the nation and you can relive history on the Freedom Trail. A guided walk will take you on a 2.5 mile meander past 16 significant sites where some of the most dramatic scenes from American history were played out, including Bunker Hill, Paul Revereโ€™s House and Benjamin Franklinโ€™s statue. For anyone interested in the cradle of America, this is the most significant reason to visit Boston.

Chow down on Chowder
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