20 Epic Trips to Take in Your 20s ...


20 Epic Trips to Take in Your 20s ...
20 Epic Trips to Take in Your 20s ...

It really doesn’t matter when you choose to go to any location but there are just some trips that are perfect for certain periods in your life. There’s something pretty wonderful about experiencing some of the world’s best adventures when you’re in your twenties. Take advantage of your freedom and spirit to enjoy the epic festivals, parties and experiences around the world.

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Soak up the Sun and Culture at the San Fermin Festival

City Hall, red, pink, house, sea, Spend a couple of wild days in Spain drinking sangria and soaking up the sun, and top it off by witnessing the iconic event of the Running of the Bulls!


Earn Your Sea Legs over the Course of Yacht Week

parasailing, sports, leisure, catamaran, You and a group of friends can channel your best inner Jack Sparrow as you island hop from destination to destination as part of Yacht Week in destinations including Greece, Croatia and Thailand


Head to Russia for the 2018 World Cup

cartoon, costume, There is no sporting event quite like the FIFA World Cup, and you like soccer, then the thought of attending the tournament, hosted by Russia this time around, should be super exciting.


Follow the Amazing Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, mountain, adventure, isl, This hike is not one for the faint hearted, but if you are fit and strong then there is nothing more rewarding and wonderful than retracing the steps of an ancient civilization and connecting with their history.


Release Your Creative Side at Burning Man

clothing, sea, beauty, girl, costume, In the heart of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada you can explore a community full of amazing art and free spirits. If you want to discover a new side of yourself, then Burning Man is definitely the place to visit.


Sample Sweet Beers at Oktoberfest

clothing, costume, festival, cheerleading, Chi, If you are the kind of girl who likes a beer just as much as a frat guy, then the annual celebration of the beverage that takes place in Munich, Germany should be near the top of your bucket list!


Take a Life Affirming Solo Trip round the World

Meta Coastline, vacation, sea, coast, villa, Some people say you never quite truly know yourself until you have traveled the world solo with nothing but your own mind for company. You can grow so much as a person and learn things you never thought you could.


Party on down at Mardi Gras

tjK, 000, New Orleans is a destination that should be on everybody’s bucket list, but especially when the annual Mardi Gras celebrations are going on. The sight of Bourbon Street in full flow is an unforgettable memory!


Ride a Motorbike around Vietnam

bicycle, vehicle, cycling, motorcycle, mountain bike, Hiring a little motorcycle really is the best way to get around Vietnam and take in all of its rich culture. You can explore at your own pace and spend the night in quaint villages along your chosen route.


Dare Yourself to Ride Bolivia’s Road of Death

Coroico, green, forest, rainforest, tree, If adventure is your middle name, then there is no challenge more insane that riding the 40 miles of world’s most dangerous trail, from cliffs to narrow paths to waterfalls and more.


The Road of Death, also known as Yungas Road, is located in Bolivia and connects the capital city of La Paz to the town of Coroico. It earned its reputation as the world's most dangerous road due to its narrow width, steep drops, and lack of guardrails. The road is only 10 feet wide in some areas and has a 2,000-foot drop on one side. It is estimated that 200-300 people die on this road every year. However, in recent years, the road has become a popular tourist destination for thrill-seekers and mountain bikers. Despite its dangers, the views of the rainforest and Andes mountains make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those brave enough to take on the challenge.


Chill out along the California Coast

sea, coast, shore, ocean, blue, If you don’t want to get up to something so dangerous, then a road trip along Route 1 of the California Coast could be more suited to you. You and your friends can hire a classic car and feel the breeze in your hair as you listen to great tunes with great company.


Experience Amazing Colors at India’s Holi Festival

magenta, modern art, advertising, This ancient Hindu festival provides some of the most colorful and memorable celebratory scenes anywhere in the world, as people dance and party in the street whilst throwing wonderfully colored powders at one another!


Attend a Full Moon Party in Thailand

performance, night, art, music venue, light, Anybody who has travelled the world will be able to tell you about Thailand’s Full Moon Parties. They are iconic and are sure to provide you with the best night’s worth of partying that you ever experienced.


Take Part in the Fun Bay to Breakers Run in San Francisco

model, This 7.5-mile race isn’t as tasking as a half marathon, and the vibe is decidedly more fun with the majority of runners head to toe in imaginative and creative fancy dress.


Live It up for a Night in Las Vegas

New York-New York Hotel & Casino, vacation, residential area, cityscape, condominium, Vegas is one of those destinations that you absolutely have to visit, even if just for a night. The clubs, the casinos, the concerts, the theatre shows ... it is like nowhere else in the world!


Go on a Surf Safari in Costa Rica

sports, surfing, surfboard, sea, toy, If you heart belongs to the waves of the ocean, then what better way to spend time than visiting some of the greatest surfing locations in the world along the coast of beautiful Costa Rica?


Experience an Authentic Carnival in Rio

carnival, art, performing arts, festival, close up, Nothing can quite prepare you for the vibrant colors and party atmosphere of an authentic carnival in the heart of Brazil. Vuvuzelas at the ready!


Discover Yourself in South East Asia

Angkor Thom, red, beauty, girl, photo shoot, This area is one of the most visited tourist regions in the world, and for good reason. From Laos to Thailand to Cambodia, you can have a once in a lifetime travelling trip filled with different cultures and experiences.


Lose Yourself at the Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium

performing arts, rock concert, performance, person, crowd, If electronic music is your thing, then head over to Belgium for the world’s largest festival dedicated to the genre. Tomorrowland offers 3 days of nonstop electronica in a wonderfully unique setting.


Come of Age by Backpacking through Europe

Manarola, sea, vacation, water, waterway, This is an age-old classic. You and a couple of your closest friends should come of age together as you back pack on a budget through some of the most beautiful and exciting countries in Europe.

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